AAA+++ If there is anything worth doing in the world

If there is anything worth doing in the world,
It’s to love one another.
Beginning with the John Paul II quotation,
I am happy to say I have followed his inspiration.

Living up to this motivation, would not have happened
Without all of you, without your love and dedication.
Your presence by my side when exchanging vow
Your gentle souls, being an icon to the answer “How.”

How to walk through life with love until death do us part
How to apply in daily life the words: Love is patient, love is kind
How to make my soul keep singing: You are always on my mind.
How to harmonize Sheldon’s and my hopes in my heart.

Now, I’d like to say thanks:

To Sheldon - -
As they say: life is not to reach a destination, but the way you travel
After I met you, I’ve combined both the way and the destination,
My heart longed for. I can even put up with your frustration
Piece of cake (Polish quality); I can compromise - - read and drink tea
When you schedule tee time and enjoy golfing swing.

To Sheldon’s children, Sheldon’s Mom, Sisters and Brothers - -
You are an inspiration for me and I sense your love and warm welcome into the Family
I have one request…when we play cards: “Hearts and Spade”
Sometimes let me win; I will treat you with pierogi – home made.

Mom, sorry for you having to strain your ears when I speak
Did I hear from you that my accent is cute like a Polish chic?

To my best Friend Alina, who came from Vancouver - -
We played together on the same street in Poznan, Poland I was raise,
There are still traces after our pretend boutique we made in the hiding place,
How many years we’ve know each other – our young faces don’t reveal
Yet our hearts keep all the gestures and express the way our friendship feel.

To my Polish cousin Bartosz - -
For his efforts to come and be a representative of my Polish root;
For coming from a town where my grandparents, and my Dad recruit
For bringing me a scent of Poland, a part of me left overseas,
So I feel complete, ready to soar a new life on wings of a wedding breeze.

To Sheldon’s Friends- -
Thank You for showing what true Friendship is
As they say: You are whom you hang around with.
As you have shared so many years in Sheldon’s life
I have a strong faith in him and serene heart as his wife.

To my Friends; Americans and those using the cute accent
Also, friends from Louis Dreyfus with the citrus scent
Life doesn’t have to start at 5 PM when I work with you.
I can even put up with donuts if you want me to.

To my Mom and Dad in Poland - -
For the traditional values they instilled in me,
For the happy person, you can see.