The mirrors are willing,
To be looked when our ego surpass
Love is patient for us to be asked
What answer it has,
If our consensus doesnít pass. 

Two years ago, we started to drift
Spirited by the greatest gift  
Life can ever give.
On a river ran by currents of love
Trusted, itís the purest one, Dear
Even if touched by a crystal tear. 

We got blessed to nest a harbor,
Scented with affections and spices of life
Michael Crawford music, nature, meal
Our souls nurtured Ė all attributes to feel
Jazz & life beats; the wind in sails to reveal.  

Who are the mirrors we can look into?
To see own traits through love from you?
To excel on fondness, tender, and valor.
To find an inspiration to cope with failure. 

Look at me, I look at you
At the river we are flowing
Triggering the slant of life rowing;
Crystal if oars are touched by
Love - nothing greater - soaring high.