Three years versus infinity....

Three years versus infinity
Noble soul versus gentle heart
Accent versus homely sound
Alone versus native ground.

Engagement ring willing to cede
To that wedding ring to seal
To seal the love to flourish
Every day beside You to nourish.

Time ticking towards 4-12
The vows tune in to my ears
“I will love you and honor you
through out all my years.”

At the last Valentine’s dawn
When I still hold you as Fiance
My heart cannot wait to say:
“I do” on the Symbolic Day.

Will three years lead into infinity?
Will the lonely corner of my soul soar?
My heart anchors at your tunes
As long as your soul sings “More*”.

* I like the romance, tunes, and words of “More” sang by Bobby Darin; however, in every day life, I love the way you perform the song, in many ways!