Valentine’ Day, 2007

 When the flavor spread & dinner begun,
It was fine to hear
the veggie was underdone. 

When I saw your pretty face at the door,
It was fine to hear
the laundry didn’t run before. 

On an evening jazz trip to “Vines”,
It was fine to hear
Drivers were retarded in all lines. 

It’s fine to hear the gentle trifles.
Their echoes are softly tuned in my ear
As long as you say the tender word “Dear.”

It’s fine to hear no beets for dinner on the plate?
No Polish substitute for donuts, no gołąbki made?
No vitamin B from bigos, no Russian bread
As long as, in your eyes, love can be read.

Should I serve ‘barszcz,” the queen of meal?
On Valentine Day, the Polish delicacy to reveal.
Food looses spices, the musical tone subsides.
If I cannot listen to your heart, look into your eyes. 

 To Sheldon,